Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We have a winner!!

Well today ends my first ever Give Away!  Thanks to all of you that have entered.  Now for the winner!

Audrey - From Audrey's Country Crafts and Audrey's Give Aways!  Congratulations Audrey and I hope you enjoy your new Vintage Necklace and bracelet!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lylah's Boutique our new Etsy shop, Stop by

Excitement is all around here at the moment!  We just opened a new Etsy shop, Lylah's Boutique.  We are still sewing as I post this so many more pillowcase dresses.  We will also be doing cutom orders.  Help us get noticed if you can!  I know all of you bloggers are about helping one another!  All help would be appreciated!

Lylah's Boutique offers selections of fine handmade clothing for children, custom designs just for your little one, children's accessories and goodies for Mom too!

Lylah's Boutique not only offers children's clothing that are already made, we also do cutom orders as well.

Currently we are featuring little girl's Pillowcase dresses available is a variety of sizes. Soon we will have sample fabric for you to choose from for your custom design order.

Moms we can't forget you either! From one Mom to another, I understand...children first. Lylah's Boutique offers little goodies for you too! Something you can have without a guilty conscience. You deserve something too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Unique Gift Baskets, Friday Follow

I am so excited to feature a fellow Hands and Heart United team member's gift baskets!  These are simply the best gift for any occasion.  Leann from TERRILLS TILES is offering Gift Baskets in her Etsy shop.  Stop by her shop as she has the most beautiful and unique tile coasters, game boards, wedding items and more.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in a name? What does your name mean? Come share and have some fun!

So what is in your name?  I was almost a Kathy, can't see that anyway I thought it would be fun to share the meanings of our names.  Does the meaning fit you?  I will start.

Nancy means grace, favour, it is a French name.  Of course I think my name fits!

Come on let's have some fun today!  Share your name.  Here is a link to search

Please check out my Treasury!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Uh, When did I suddenly get old? Can you relate?

Forever I have been young at heart, in other words I have never acted my age.  Then suddenly one day I realized.......

  • A 21 year old looks like they shouldn't even drive
  • vintage items were my childhood toys and stuff
  • hey that was a popluar song when I was young
  • early morning is my best time

  • Why is someone calling this late?  It's 9:00 PM
  • If I try that I might fall and hurt myself
  • Sneezes are dangerous now

  • I actually saw the Beatles first appearance on Ed Sullivan's Show
  • I know who Ed Sullivan is
  • Go out at 10:00 PM at night?  What??
  • My friends have grandchildren
  • Young men open doors for me....aww so sweet
  • I think biofocals are sexy
  • When I mention sex, young people old people like sex too?
  • I hear my Mother's words coming out of my mouth
  • I love to hear about the good old days
  • Dinner and  a movie is a BIG night out

  • Going dancing leaves me sore the next day
  • Good belly laughs with friends feels good
  • More food gets stuck between my teeth
  • If I have to lay down to zip my jeans they are just too small

  • Yes, I had flower power
  • At class reunioins it is hard to recognize some people, they look OLD

Well anyway I will always be young at heart!  How about you?


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Gotta love the calls from Mom, Sharing her dolls

It's Sunday morning and the sun is shining through the window as I type, ahhhh so nice.

My Mom called, bless her heart she just turned 80 and is finding that this internet stuff is pretty neat as long as she doesn't have to on it!  She has me hoppin all over.  Each and every day she has a new idea of something to make, explore and hence I do as she wished.

Today she said it is so sad that she didn't have all of this years ago when she was really into making crafts, upolstering furniture, redoing antiques, baking, cooking...and the list goes on.  Unfortunately I didn't get these genes of hers.  BUT I am a really good gopher!

Today I would like to share some of her Annie dolls with you.  At first she just hated making them prim, she thought that was just terrible, but now she enjoys it!  lol

Have a visit and let her know what you think1

May your day be sunny and fun filled!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

warm weather, vintage toy, primitive wall handing

The nice weather we have been having is so good for the soul.  Birds are singing so loud, you can here laughter in the neighborhood, work being done in yards and awww the feel of the sun on your skin.  Spirits all around seem to be lifted up since the sign of Old Man Winter is not in sight.

Not sure if this weather is staying but while it is here I am going to enjoy it.  Have you done anything outside during this warm break?  Please share.

I have been taking pictures like a mad woman for my Etsy Shop, Lafe's Hidden Treasures.  I want to share some with you, hope you enjoy some of my treasures.

Vintage Toy
Extremely rare vintage toy. Learning puzzle stacked picture blocks with victorian era pictures. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. They are in great condition considering the age. Very unique toy find.

Beautiful pictures.

Primitive Wall Hanging, Picket

It just doesn't get any more primitive than this picket wall hanging. The wooden picket was rescued (almost went to be fire wood!!!) and now it is renewed. Perfect to hang on the wall with 3 Coats & Clark thread spools to hang your pretties on. The Largest spool still has black thread on it. Oh so rpim with natural aged wood.
The vintage primitive wooden picket is extremely rustic, primmed and ready to go in its natural state. I did some sanding for the really rough parts. It is measures 23 1/2" x 2". The wall hanging comes with picture frame hangers on the back.

Rescued, recycled, and shown some love now it is ready for your cozy home.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Follow & Vintage Jewelry Give Away -Stunning Necklace with matching bracelet

MckLinky Blog Hop

Give Away Starts Here
You have come to the right place today! I am sponsoring my first-ever Give Away. Excitement is in the air as I love my followers and want them to have something special!
Ok, enough, right?
This is a Vintage Jewelry Give Away
Vintage Pastel Pink and White Thermoset. Lucite, Moonglow Necklace and Bracelet Set
This vintage necklace in goldtone setting choker necklace and bracelet is an excellent example of the quality costume jewelry from the 1950s. It may be moonglow lucite. Thermoset lucite jewelry was manufactured predominantly in the 1950s-1960s by many costume jewelry companies. It was great for jewelry because the lucite (a heavier plastic) could be molded into many creative shapes and designs.
This exquistie vintage necklace was mine as a child to play dress up with in the early 1960s. They are in great condition, the bracelet is finer than the necklace, with only wear flaws on the necklace. Please see photos.
The vintafe choker necklace measures 16 1/2" 41.9 cm inches in length, the bracelet measures 7" 17.8 cm. This lovely lucite beauty would make an wonderful addition to any collection.

Now down to business to tell you how you can win this beautiful necklace with a matching bracelet.

One requirement to get entered.

1) Leave me a comment on this post with your email address
2) 2 extra entries - Follow my blog, Lafe’s Hidden Treasures
3) 2 extra entries -Go to my shop Lafe’s Hidden Treasures and comment about your favorite thing
4) 3 extra entries - Grab my blog tag for your site
5) 5 entries -Post about this blog on your blog
You must entry a comment for each entry. Example: Post about my blog, comment 5 separate times.
That’s it, easy peasy! Enjoy and good luck!
Drawing will be March 31, 2010 It will be a random drawing.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flashback to the 50's and 60's come join me

Often times I visit the retro type blogs and love them.  After all I lived those times of the 50's and 60's.  ok, well at times it makes me feel so old......BUT it also takes me on a journey to my childhood, oh so sweet.

Today I want to share some of the fashion or lack there of from my life.  You need to remember we were farmers in rural Ohio.  Enjoy!
Gotta love Mom's pants!

Family pic Dad's was in for lunch, still with work clothes on.  I still have the lamps but need to find the right shades.  Who's that cute little girl???  lol
A good view of the lamp, my brother happy with what Santa brought him.

Check out the TV, lamp, radio and oh such a sweet baby girl! (blush) lol

Love Mom's dresses here with my brother

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane with me!  Have you got some to share?  Hopefully I will round up some more for next week.

If you like the old stuff please visit my shop, Lafe's Hidden Treasures.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short n Sweet New Blog to Follow! Check it out! Hands and Hearts United

Good Morning!  The warmer weather is such a relief to see.  I think all of our spirits have been lifted.

This is from Fabric Greetings

It would be a great honor for you to follow our "Hands and Hearts United" blog.  We are new and need some followers! Today is Tuesdays Tools for your Etsy shops.  Great info so head on over and follow!  Thank you so very much!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Whimsea Shop Featured, So very pretty

Excited to feature
This week we are pleased to Spotlight Whimsea Designs

How long have you been with Etsy?
I joined Etsy in October to get a feel for how things work as a seller. I've been a huge fan and Buyer on Etsy since 2008 though. I finally set up my shop in it's entirety in January 2010

What is your favorite part of being an Etsian?
The Etsy community is amazing and so supportive! My favorite part of being an Etsian is the reward of designing my own jewelry and accessories for women that love staying fashion forward without breaking their budget.

When did you start your craft/collection/hobby (whichever applies)?
Designing my own pieces started when I was young. I always lived in outskirted towns where the shopping was minimal. As a yound woman I wanted to be as stylish as all the trends I saw in magazines so I found my creative side and started handcrafting my own pieces. The greatest part about designing my own jewelry is finding vintage pieces, deconstructing them and designing them in to something more fabulous than what they started as. The hardest part about desiging my own jewelry is resisting the urge to keep one of each piece for myself!

Will 2010 bring anything new for you, your shop or your blog?
You'll see more pieces designed with vintage up-cycles. In 2009 I designed a lot of beach inspired looks and while you'll still see plenty of that in 2010 I want to bring more of the vintage chic beach look to women! I'm just learning the art of blogging so hopefully that will bring amazing things and get the word out about WhimSea Designs as well.

What do you think has helped you to be successful?
Facebook has been one of my greatest marketing and advertising tools. I've been so blessed to be able to connect with women everywhere. I've made some amazing connections with women that own their own boutiques in other cities that would love to carry some of my accessories! Who could ask for anything better?

What are some of your favorite blogs? (links please)
I'm such a newborn when it comes to blogging. I just started recently and honestly, before this month the "blog" world was a complete unknown to me. I must admit though I'm lovin' Lafes Hidden Treasures Blog!!

Favorite Etsy shops?
Katarina Couture - designs THE MOST AMAZING handmade hats with vintage flair! So fun!!
Icing 101 - designs THE MOST FABULOUS flower accessories you'll ever see...a MUST to check out!!
Family Attic - designs THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Vintage Inspired Cottage Home Decor!
Audrey and Grace - designs THE MOST GORGEOUS authentic vintage reproductions....dresses, purses and wraps!
Lafe's Hidden Treasures is my new greatest find! I love lookin' for unique and amazing vintage finds...I've had my eye on a few things!

Customer service is very important; do you do anything special for your customers?
I take great pride in making sure I'm always available to assist my shoppers! Whether it's a custom design order or a Buyer that may have a question concerning an individual piece I design. I often include a "free gift" for shopping with each purchase as well!

Packaging is a huge part of Etsy, do you do anything different?
I gift box and wrap each jewelry piece I send out because I believe presentation is everything. Whether you've gifted yourself or someone else it's always exciting to recieve a beautifully wrapped gift!

Resting and relaxing, what do you do to have fun and enjoy life?
Family is number one, first and foremost! When it comes to relaxing I love driving down to the beach, digging my toes in the sand and feeling the warm sun on my face! Whether I'm with family or just by myself it truly is a slice of heaven. When it comes to having fun in life...many will be suprised to know I'm a "Daddy's Girl" at heart...I love the outdoors. Camping, fishing and getting dirty 4-wheeling are the highlights of a great weekend!

What do you consider to be your treasure? (anything from childhood to your shop) eg baby doll, a special rock, etc
My treasure in life isn't anything materialistic. It's the love of my family and the amazing husband God has blessed me with! Nothing on earth could ever compare or take their place!!

Anything you want to say here....
Be sure to follow WhimSea Designs at  for the latest in what's on my studio table! I want to take a special moment to say "Thank You" to Lafe's Hidden Treasures for this opportunity to be hightlighted! Thanks for all you do to support shops like WhimSea Designs in our endeavors! You've made my week!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Gorgeous, Classy Bracelet and earrings from shosipo

When I saw these they took my breath away in their pure, clean beauty.  I just had to share with you.  They are from Shoshipos shop.  Who couldn't use these!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Follow & Hands and Hearts United Team Feature

MckLinky Blog Hop

It is exciting to feature some of the members of Hands and Heart United Team. We are a small group and very close. These ladies among being talented are some of the nicest on Etsy. Stop by the blog and give us a shout.  

There is a ongoing thread on Etsy Forums that is worth you visit. It is updated each week.  

It is my honor to share their craft in a series. Check back for more from the Hands and Hearts United Team.

Designs in Stained Glass


Fabric Greetings

Karen SF

Jewels by Trish

Moore Magnets

Puttin' On the Dog Designs




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