Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creations from Heart and Hands united team come take a look

It is exciting to feature some of the members of Hands and Heart United Team.  We are a small group and very close.  These ladies among being talented are some of the nicest on Etsy.  Stop by the blog and give us a shout.

There is a ongoing thread on Etsy Forums that is worth you visit.  It is updated each week.

It is my honor to share their craft in a series.  Check back for more from the Hands and Hearts United Team.

Woman With Tools

Confections In Glass



TeeHee Productions

Ritzee Rebels Handmad Felt Pins

Blondies Vintage Shop

Cappy Sue Clay

Shoshi Po's Shop


  1. Beautiful selection Nancy Thank you so much for including my bunny kit.
    I'm going right now to post this on our fanpage

  2. I like your blog! I'll be back! Great showcasing the things you love!


  3. dear "grieving mom",

    i am so sorry for your precious loss. there are
    many bereaved moms in blogland, and i pray His
    consolation for you.

    isaiah 62:4

  4. Wow! Great shops and items! Didn't even know that the group existed - will have to check it out :)

  5. Those are all some beautiful creations! I'm always inspired by different artists and crafters and their amazing work-It always leaves my mind boggled ^.^

  6. This is so nice! I love being a part of HHU, thank you for including my bunny coin purses!


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