Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jumped back in the water, will swim tomorrow

Well the summer is almost over and now what?  The thoughts of do I blog?  Do I not blog?  The fact is that I have missed blogging.  I could spend hours reading all of the wonderful blogs.  So much to learn, so little time.

Well, here I am!  I am baaaaackkkk!  With a new perspective and lot of new plans and goals.

Nothing really exciting happened this summer.  I just was kept busy with 3 Esty store and doing freelance graphic work.  Mom and Dad are part of my life and working with them and helping always brings a joy to my heart.

No big splashed today for my blog I just wanted to jump back into the water....I will go for a swim tomorrow.

Let's enjoy blogging!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Christmas In July Sale! Over 200 Items Reduced

You will not believe all the goodies on sale!

All my shops are ready for you to save so much. Over 200 items on sale for Christmas In July! Graphics, banners, business cards, vintage, antiques, comics, handmade, vintage jewelry, soap, farmhouse soap, felted soap and the list goes on! Come on over for a visit

Lafe's Hidden Treasures  

The Banner Loft

Seven Oak Farm

Christmas In July sale is going on at Etsy Everything is handmade or vintage not including supplies. Hundreds of shops are having sales! Once you get to Etsy, type in Christmas In July or CIJ to see all the wonderful items for sale. You won't believe your eyes!

Most of my Etsy Banners are marked $3.00!!

Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you and sharing my designs

It seems the time has come when I am back to my "abnormal" normal.  I think I can breath a little now.  Thank you to all who have supported me during the last month.  Some of the worst days to go through.  BUT I have made it!

Been busy designing in The Banner Loft.  This is a most calming, stress releiving hobby.  I have needed to do it for the last few weeks.

Take a look at The Banner Loft for your business advertising needs.  Banners for blog or Etsy, business cards, logo designs, avatars, blog buttons and more.

Sharing this morning.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Keeping my son's memory alive

Most of  you reading do not understand me and I am so thankful that you don't.  Never would I wish losing a child on anyone, it is the worst broken heart ever.

Going back to April 15, 2005.  One of the brightest days of our lives (my son and I).  Finally after years of living in apartments, I was able to buy my first home.  I did it as a single Mom.  Proud and so excited.

The house was move in ready and was such a darling home, but you know you have to do things that make it yours. 

Excitement was in the air.

June 8, 2005 the phone rings at 12:24 AM that my son, my only child had been in a car accident.  So many emotions and thoughts rambling in my head as I called a friend to take me to the hospital, one block away.

What seemed like hours the doctor finally came it to tell me about his injuries and I abruptly stopped him, "I want to know how he is now and when can I see him?"  the doctor, "Well. he's dead."

The next thing I knew they were lifting me up from the floor as I am screaming, mourning and falling so fast into a black hole with no way out.

Five years later I am still in that black hole.  Desparately wanting to grasp onto something that will make all of this go away.  Nothing is there....

My heart aches daily, it is so broken, but yet I must keep going.  My "abnormal" normal life is so different than before.  I am in a strange world with strange things all around me.

Today I want to share a slideshow I did for Dustin.  Five years...seems like can I be living this life?  I also have a website for him

Help me to keep his memory is his slideshow...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Featuring Novel Brand A Unique Artist

Happy Friday to Everyone!  I am so pleased and excited to introduce you to a new Artist on Etsy.  Mark, from Novel Brand was kind enough to allow me to feature his art. 

At first glance I loved his art, so unique.  Enjoy getting to know Novel Brand!

How did you come up with your name?
My sister and I came up with the name. I'd say a lot of our crafts are book or word themed.

Tell us about you and where you are from
My name is Mark Saul. I'm from Los Angeles. I am an actor and a musician.

How did you learn your art?
Days of practice.

What inspires you?
My girlfriend Ilana inspires me. Most of the arts and crafts I make started out as something for her.
Favorite part of Etsy
My favorite part of Etsy is sense of community. I like how sellers and buyers can contact each other so easily. I also like the clean and easy to read layout.

Share here anything you would like

My band website:
My acting/personal website:

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sharing Pics of Conchata Ferrell (Two and a Half Men)

I have been in a blog fog lately!  Not sure where my head has been.  Anyway I am back now.

Today is a simple share of some photos of Conchata Ferrell, Berta on Two and a Half Men.  Her parents lived in my small town and my son's Grandma knew them.  Anyway she came to town and we went for a visit.

A very nice lady and I am so happy she has had some success.

Hope you enjoy the pics.


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