Friday, May 14, 2010

Featuring Novel Brand A Unique Artist

Happy Friday to Everyone!  I am so pleased and excited to introduce you to a new Artist on Etsy.  Mark, from Novel Brand was kind enough to allow me to feature his art. 

At first glance I loved his art, so unique.  Enjoy getting to know Novel Brand!

How did you come up with your name?
My sister and I came up with the name. I'd say a lot of our crafts are book or word themed.

Tell us about you and where you are from
My name is Mark Saul. I'm from Los Angeles. I am an actor and a musician.

How did you learn your art?
Days of practice.

What inspires you?
My girlfriend Ilana inspires me. Most of the arts and crafts I make started out as something for her.
Favorite part of Etsy
My favorite part of Etsy is sense of community. I like how sellers and buyers can contact each other so easily. I also like the clean and easy to read layout.

Share here anything you would like

My band website:
My acting/personal website:


  1. WOW...I'm loving it too. What an amazing artist. I loved the look of each of them. Thanks so much for sharing Mark's work with us.

  2. That is AMAZING!!! I found you on Yaami Handmade and am following you! Feel free to follow back and/or stop by!
    Love your site!

  3. Those are incredible. Of course, the book lover in me initially was freaking out about the defacing of books. Then I remembered I've read some that should be cut up!

  4. WOW! Soooo cool and unique!

  5. That is amazing!! How do people come up with all these wonderful ideas for old books?
    Wonderful feature!

  6. As a writer, I find this very intriguing! What a "novel" way to display a book!


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