Monday, May 3, 2010

A Flea Market Weekend A really Good time

Our weekend was spent at a Flea Market which of course is a perfect place for me to be.  We set up a booth with just 2 tables but lots of goodies for everyone.

Mike kept reminding me that we were there to sell not buy.   You know some people take the fun out of everything.  I did have to draw from my inner strength to resist not buying more than we took.  How do you know when you have enough?  Is there such a thing?  Nah...

The people you meet come from all walks of life.  You have those, bless their hearts that have to come there to buy what they need.  Then there are the "nosies" that walk with their hands behind their back just looking to see what everyone has.  OK lots of "how much can I get them to come down on their price" people.  So cute to see their face when you agree.  It is a win win situation. 

Last there is me.  Trying not to drool on everything as I gander about.  I know exactly what I want.  I just have to see it!  I pick something up, look it over then think, "Oh this is so neat, I could do this or that."  Then comes this annoying I hear Mike say, "We came to sell not buy."  What does he know.  I hear, "Where will we put that?"  So in my mind I am rearranging my house in my weak mind to know that it will fit somewhere.  If I take a deep breath or do the old Lamaze breathing I can get through it.

Once back to our booth my mind is only the "treasure" I passed up.  Before you know it, I am paying for it!

Oh well no harm done.  It was a soggy weekend here and so we were in the perfect place to enjoy.

So now you all know I am really insane!  But I love it!

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