Thursday, January 7, 2010

The chili is cookin...mmmmm

As I finally get to work in my new studio Mike has put his yummy chili on.  Here I sit trying to craft and all I can smell is chili...mmmm.  The snow is gently falling as I look out the window.  What a wonderful day.  I really appreciate life today.

Since I haven't found my "niche" yet I am working on a few things to offer, hopefully something will take off.  I really need to learn to sew and pray for patience.  Frustration kicks in and I give up.  I need a simple project to work on.  Any suggestions from you pros?

Paint, gesso and wood putty is drying seems like it has taken forever.  I think I will have a bowl of chili....


  1. Hi Nancy:) Have you tried buying sewing projects as kits? Stores do offer beginner's kits. That's what I do for now until, and if I ever get good enough to sew from scratch. LOL. Carol

  2. Thank you I should go buy a simple kit. It's a shame, my Mom, Grandma Shirl has sewn anything you can imagine, even wedding dresses. I just never listened to her. She has tried to teach me but she thinks I should know! lol


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