Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday morning a time to relect and get it going!

Drinking coffee and watching the birds out the window beside my computer....the house is quiet, Princess Molly is happy (for now) and all is good.

When I was young Sundays meant going to church, coming home to a huge Sunday dinner and then everyone in the house took a nap.  When awake again we talked about the week before and the one ahead.  It was a time to reflect, share and get ideas for the coming week.  That was the good ol' days.

Now just a few years later we have our own rituals and patterns.  Nothing at all like I was raised with.  At times I miss those days when it seemed like everything was rosey and full of promise.

Awww this coffee is so good think I will have another cup....

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  1. Haha...that's exactly what I do every Sunday: church, lunch, and then nap! Excpet today I have to skip my nap because I have too much stuff to do! It's nice to have a day of rest unlike any other day in the week. It takes you away from the craziness every other day holds!


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