Monday, January 4, 2010

Glue Gun, Organization, Secrets, Promos and so much more

Easy project to do....make a photo box...well let me tell you it turned into an adventure!

It prompted me to this post.  The amazing glue gun!  Are there secrets to not getting the strings of glue in hair, under nails and every place else it can go?  Am I just a slob with it?  Need a better gun?  Please help me so every time I get the glue gun I am not whispering such horrible things under my breath.

How do you start your day?  I have been reading the tips to have a better business...well when will I ever craft?  What are your secrets to an organized day?  Coffee then create?  Later in the day?  How do you find time to fit all that is needed in?

I am just sure somewhere there is a hidden camera watching me as I try with all of my might to be an at home business person...ahem...The joke is on me.  Maybe the routine of a 5 AM alarm, 1 hour of travel, then to my office is just hard to break. 

OK you have a secret that nobody knows simple because they haven't asked.  I am asking!  Share with the world how you make it all work.  Don't be shy, you will be admired by many for sharing!

When do you follow the blogs?  When do you promote your shop?

Off to a start for 2010 just not as I had planned!

Help!  Need your advice!


  1. I'm working on figuring all this out myself. Once I get my daughter off to school, the day can be filled in so many ways. Between housework, creating, cooking, etc...... I try to do my emails and blogging as I sit down with my coffee. I find I am more productive if I've checked in with my online life first thing.

  2. Thank you Deborah! I just know I need a routine to follow. I usually sit with my coffee to in the mornings online. Again thank you!


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