Friday, January 22, 2010

Good friends and Mom's home town

It is funny how things work in our lives isn't it?  Each day brings a new adventure either to toil through or enjoy.

Recently my friend Lisa lost her Mother.  We made a trip to Tennessee to be with her during this difficult time.  You see Lisa like me has also lost a child, her daughter Holly. This is our main common bond.  Through the years we have bonded as close friends, I love her to pieces.  A tragedy brought us together but we nuture it with day to day living.  Friends come from all places from all different times.

While traveling through Kentucky to get home from Tennessee I just had to visit my Mom's home town, Louisa, Kentucky.  As we drove through the town I suddenly realized my roots, my upbringing.  This was so rewarding for me and a renewal of strength. 

As you can see one incident in your life can cause a reaction of many sorts.  Enjoy each adventure life brings to you.

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