Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finding a niche

As I stroll around visiting all of the wonderful sites of Etsy and other crafters and all of the primitive beauties, awesome jewlery, creative mediums I am just in awe....

I love to craft and collect vintage items....but I don't know what my niche is yet.  It is terrible to have a store and still not know.  I can almost grab onto it as I know it is close...make sense?  My love is for a variety of things not one set thing; so knowing is a bit more difficult.  The tip is to do what you love most and enjoy making...again so many choices.

Well HOOT!! 

I appreciate all of the talent you have and the inspiration you give...


  1. Good Morning!!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I fixed the blog link that wasn't working :)

  2. Hi new friend,
    like a lot me in yours elegant blog... compliment!


  3. I am in awe right with you! I admire your talent, too.

  4. lol Midday...where do you see talent? Maybe I am missing something! lol

  5. many possibilities! Who says you have to choose?!


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