Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Light came on!!

My last wish is to bore you to bits....but I used to be full of inspiration, ideas and thoughts.  When my son died in 2005 I felt all of that life went out the window.

Lately I have struggled to be creative once more...this morning I woke up INSPIRED!  I feel so awesome!!  I have been talking to some awesome Estians and they have inspired me to try....

Of course I have been accused of "lights on but nobody home!"  lol

The morning has been so relaxing as a Sunday morning should be.  The cardinals are eating as I watch them out my window, the coffee was perfect and now I must take the step.

Hope your Sunday is relzxing too!


  1. So sorry to hear of your son's passing, but glad to hear of inspiration striking. I had a moment like that on Saturday. I love it when the Muses decide to make a pitstop by my place :)

  2. I just wanted to send you a little note and tell you I think you sound like an amazing lady. I read you’re about me page, you sound like a women who is full of courage and strength. I over think everything constantly. Sometimes we have to let go, relax, that is when we will find what we have been searching for. I am excited to follow you as you find your way through your creative journey.

  3. i always feel better after talking to other etsyians! they have a way of bringing us back up :)

    glad you're in a happier place!




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