Friday, April 9, 2010

Do you really ever relax?

A new day dawns with a big list of all that needs done.  Somehow there is just not enough hours in a day to get it completed.  At times this may bring frustration and oh no that's not good for us.

I know I never really relax.  My mind is always on the go with all the things that need done, new ideas, and the little stuff that was ignored. 

During the winter months relaxing was watching some TV then going to bed.  Nope that just didn't do it.  I need to relax for 10 minutes at least during the day.....but I don't....go here, do this, always more to do.

What do you do to relax?  How do you just let go?  The powers that be say we need totally relaxation several times a day.  Please share!


  1. My way of relaxing is getting up on Saturdays and yard saling from 7 to

    I think right now my way of relaxing is falling into bed far too early each night, saying my prayers and watching a bit of tv than going to bed FAR to early...I need to break out of the habit of going to bed so early..but I'm so whipped by the end of the day (more emotional than physical)that all I can do is just crawl into bed..sigh.

  2. I am able to relax. It took many years to be able to, but now I can!

  3. I think we are on the same wave length today. I just wrote a post about this very thing.

  4. Can I have that big pretty dog!! He would go perfect with the way I relax! =)

    I take time every evening to read a chapter or two in a book in bed with the lights out & everyone in bed. It's just me, my snoring husband, the book, & my book light. It really helps me to control all those things that rummage around in my head keeping me from resting.

  5. I go downstairs and get onto my yoga mat! I may do yoga or I may not but being on it triggers a response that says "Slow Down!"

  6. I am terrible about relaxing but when it's needed, a good book relaxes me more than anything.

  7. I like that question "do you ever really relax?" along with that adorable dog doing just that.

    We ALL need to relax more. The mind allows us to imagine things that usually don't happen.

    A great way to relax is as Helena said, "get onto my yoga mat!" Yes, that's a great way to relax.

    Another effective way is to go for a walk. That's usually what I end up doing.

    Thanks for asking such an important question.


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