Monday, April 5, 2010

Flea Market Weekend

Our first time ever to set up at a Flea Market.  We learned alot, had fun and I could have spent more than we made!  I had to use some restraint.  You know the feeling, you see a table with all the things you love on it and you start to drool, hoping nobody notices?  Well, that was me.  My creative juices were in overdrive thinking of all the possibilities.  Junk Treasures were everywhere, I was surrounded and at one point cornered!  Stopping to take some deep breaths, then breathing like I was in labor.  My senses were about to explode when my cell phone rang.  It was Mike, I had left him at our table and people were asking questions that only I knew the answers.  Slowly I backed away, holding my breath at this point, I turned to walk toward our booth as it came into my sight, Mike standing there looking at me as though I had been gone for hours, it was only one hour, he stated, " I was about to send a search and rescue."  It was then I realized my trip to the bathroom was a little long, however the beautiful Junk Treasures my eyes and heart came into contact with was worth it all.

Until the next time I went to get coffee....I think you know the rest of the story!

It is so true that one man's junk is another man's treasure!


  1. I'm loving that car! Those colors inspire me to paint.

  2. Great pictures - we have a garage sale about twice a year to get rid of stuff but it's funny how I will go visit another person's garage sale and think - they're crazy to sell

    Love to you


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