Friday, April 23, 2010

Dad's Tool Shed and Friday Follow

Yesterday was spent clearing out my Dad's "tool" shed.  He is 85 and wants to know what all he has in there and for me to take what I want.  Not being a real fan of farm tools I reluctantly agreed.   Really I had no choice 1) I love him 2) I am an only child 3)  can't say no to Dad.

You have to know that this shed has not been touched in about 5 years.  When my son Dusty was alive he would drool as he entered the shed but nobody has been in there since.

As I entered the first thing I saw was an old bottle, be still my heart I have always had a love for old bottles.  Then I saw a vintage oil can, then a key chain and at that instant I was so excited.  I was a cleaning fool since I couldn't wait to see what else I would discover.

As I was sitting for a break just looking into the shed I pondered and remembered so many things from that tool shed.  It was as though I was turning the pages of my mind, wiping dust off memories.

My Dad was a farmer his whole life.  This was a part of who he was.  His tools were at the center of his life.  My eyes filled with tears as I remembered seeing him grab a tool to fix my bike, work on a tractor, tune my car, build a fence with each task he would just smile.

It had to be difficult for him to tell me to clear out his shed a part of him.  By the time we (of course Mike helped me) were done our truck was full.  Treasures of a hard working man, a loving father and devoted husband.  I can't imagine letting someone clear my basement....I would hyper ventilate. 

My journey yesterday took various different paths.  All is good and all is well.


  1. So glad to hear about your journey that took many paths. I am also an only child and foresee some similar stuff with my mom in the future.

    Happy Friday Follow!


  2. What an absolutely beautiful post.

  3. As hard as it must have been, your dad knows that his beloved tools are going to a home with people who appreciate and love them.

    I'm following back from FF!

  4. Super cool bottle. Following you back.


  5. I'm following you back from FF! Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  6. I am here from Friday Follow! Your post reminded me of my Dad. We lived on a farm for years. But moved in the mid 80's. I really miss that life. I am now a follower of your blog.

  7. That was lovely to read. I would be just as excited and feel just as frightened if someone were to clean out my stuff. Newest Follower!

    Happy Friday Follow.


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