Saturday, April 24, 2010

Really lovin' Vintage Today and Everyday

I never knew where my love for Vintage would take me to where I am.  Back when it wasn't cool I was always facinated with the old things.  Can't help but to wonder where had it been before, what was its use, did someone adore this.  Wishing that each piece could talk because I want to know: I am curious that way.

After reading an article that stated vintage was a part of being eco-friendly a way to help the earth stay green I really got excited.  Why is it that it takes us "older" generation a long time to see what we can do to be green.

Like a kid in the candy shop when I see Trash to Treasrue I am mesmerized, I just drool when I pass a trash pile....Auctions, gararge still my heart.  It's difficult to describe the feeling that comes over me.  That is how I know that I LOVE vintage, trash to treasures and recycled items.  How cool is that?

So I am sharing with you some vintage items from my shop, Lafe's Hidden Treasures.  I hope you enjoy them

Blessings to all of you.

Thank you for looking!  Come browse in my shop


  1. That candy shop picture is awesome! I wonder where that sugar craving just came from? :)

  2. I just loved that little bird nest pin and another little pin from your just had to have them! Thanks!

  3. I agree. That is exactly what I love about vintage and atique items is thinking about the story those items hold behind them.

    Beautiful pieces, I'm loving the beads.

    Much Luv,


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