Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tips and Tutorial Tuesday - Liquid Starch

It is not often that you may need liquid starch. I never have until.....I was crafting and it called for liquid starch. Somehow I had missed that before I started. What now? No liquid starch in the house.

Grandma Shirl - Mom

Luckily I could pick up my phone and call my Mom who has the recipe for anything you want. Here it is and it dries clear also.

1 cup water
1T cornstarch
bring water to boil
in a cup mix cornstarch with a little water, enough to get it mixed
once water is boiling add cornstarch a little at a time until desired thickness

Now the thickness should be thicker than syrup but thinner than gravy! lol this is what Mom told me so I am passing that along to you as well.

There you have liquid starch. Mom said they used this all the time on clothes, etc where starch was needed.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recipe. One question though - do you soak your item in the starch? or Is it thin enough to spritz with a water bottle?



  2. Lucy you would have to paint it on or soak it would not spritz.


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